The FINAL Eastern Gateways Strategy and Implementation Plan

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WHY WAS A STuDY DONe FOR ROute 195 ANd Route 44?

The Capitol Region Council of Governments lead the Eastern Gateways Study to focus on solutions to address the increasing travel demand along Route 195 and Route 44 in the towns of Bolton, Coventry, Tolland, and Mansfield. Planning for the future of these state highways is critical to serving the growing travel needs while still preserving and protecting the rural and historic character of the area. As communities experience increased traffic congestion and development pressures, the need to address safety, traffic flow, pedestrian and bicycle needs, transit options, and parking is critical.

Persons traveling and living along Route 195 and Route 44 in these towns have most likely seen an increase in traffic over the years. These two roadways are considered Eastern Gateways in this region, as they are the primary roadways meeting diverse needs of the communities.  The two-lane state roadways serve local traffic as well as traffic passing through towns.  There are many places to see and visit in these communities from farmer’s markets, animal barns, small businesses and shops to educational and sporting events, concerts and activities at the main campus of the University of Connecticut (UCONN), the state’s flagship institution of higher educational learning.

There is an increasing amount of investment in development opportunities, higher education, and research in the areas surrounding Route 44 and Route 195 in Bolton, Coventry, Mansfield, Tolland, and UCONN.   These new opportunities are likely to spark opportunities for economic vitality and increase travel demand along these segments of the two corridors.