The Technical Advisory Committee consists of representatives from the towns and key institutions that the corridor travels through within the study area: Bolton, Coventry, Mansfield, Tolland, and UCONN. The Committee will meet with the Study Team at periodic intervals throughout the study and their local knowledge and professional expertise will provide guidance as the study develops.  Specifically, the TAC will:

  • Provide expertise on local and regional issues and priorities
  • Help raise awareness about the Study
  • Offer insight on issues affecting the corridors
  • Assess alternative concept plans and ideas for the corridors
  • Review project material, including the final plan documentation



Joyce Stille Bolton

Patrice Carson Bolton

James Cropley Bolton

Eric Trott Coventry

Linda M. Painter Mansfield

John C. Carrington Mansfield

Lon Hultgren Mansfield

Heidi Samokar Tolland

Steven Hurlbut Tolland

Scott Lappen Tolland

Candice Corcione Tolland County Chamber of Commerce

Tanya Husick UConn

* William Wendt UConn

* Anna Bergeron CTDOT

* Janet Connors Tolland County Chamber of Commerce

* Alternates/Non-Voting Members

Please note that each town is allowed up to three voting members on the TAC. Each agency or organization is allowed one voting representative.  

TAC Meetings

Meeting agendas, minutes, and presentation material will be posted for each meeting.  Please see the Meeting Materials page for more information.